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Focus on the Bird Environment to optimise Broiler Health

Updated: Mar 10

Enviro spore broiler performance

To achieve optimal broiler health, it is crucial to direct attention towards the bird's environment. The living conditions of your broilers play a significant role in their development. Up to 80% of the chick's microbiome is developed and influenced by environmental factors in the house. Therefore, by focusing on their environment, you can help ensure that your broilers remain healthy and productive.

At Enviro Spore, our primary focus is on optimising broiler health by specifically targeting the bird's environment. We accomplish this by introducing beneficial bacteria that promote early gut health and inhibit pathogenic bacteria. By early maturation of the microbiome and inhibiting the growth of pathogenic bacteria directly in the broiler environments, we not only improve bird health but also enhance nutrient uptake, and feed conversion but also bolster biosecurity measures. This approach offers greater consistency and farm resilience compared to in-fed probiotics.

Easy Application: 

Simply spread at set up and it will thrive in the heat and moisture of the litter, continuously enhancing the environment for your broilers throughout the growing cycle. Limiting bird-to-bird Infections.  

Standard dose: 1kg per 7000 birds.

Enviro Spore poultry probiotic

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