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Enviro Spore Chick Start.

envirospore poulrty probiotic improved FCR broiler farming poultry probiotic

Our pioneering, but simple, cost effective way to inhibit bacterial infections in poultry. 

Seeding the environment with Enviro Spore quickly colonises the house with a symbiotic blend of  high strength gut microbes at setup, encouraging earlier gut maturity in the chicks first weeks of the crop. 


Chick start will begin to spore and multiply prior to placement, enabling them to quickly and effectively colonise the fresh poultry environment, inhibiting the pathogenic bacteria that infect the poultry gut and diminish nutrient absorption. 

Our on farm trials with Chester University have mapped the growth of Enviro Spore in broilers and shown that at day 19 Enviro Spore is continuing to still be the dominant microbes in the bedding.

LSTM have analysed Enviro Spore and shown its ground breaking ability to inhibit the growth of pathogenic E.coli as well as excluding it. 

enviro spore e.coli animicrobial resistant AMR

Enviro Spore continues to grow and exclude pathetic bacteria by metabolising the ammonia present in the bedding. 
Inspired by nature’s natural process. 

Simple, effective and consistent. 

1kg pouch per 7000 birds.

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