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Why Environmental Microbes?

Populateing the animal environment with beneficial microbes 

probiotics how they work. bacillus supp outcompeting bacteria

Enhanced microbial balance 

Environmental probiotics refer to the use of beneficial microorganisms to enhance the microbial balance in a specific environment, such as the gastrointestinal tract of animals or the poultry housing environment. In the case of poultry, environmental probiotics can be used to improve bird health and reduce the risk of diseases.

spore forming benerfical microbes enviro spore

let the microbes spore!

There are several ways that environmental probiotics can be introduced to the poultry environment. One approach is to add a single dose to drinking water or feed, which we found, created its own challenges, inconsistencies and less cost effective over time.  Our pioneering  approach adds sporing microbes into a clean house on the shavings. Allowing the microbes to multiply at the source of the infection is a more cost effective, robust method of reducing the levels of harmful bacteria and fungi in the environment, and improve the overall crop health and the microbial balance in the house.

day old broiler chicks with envior spore health poultry chicks

A symbiotic relationship with poultry

Our unique bacillus supp thrive in the beeding producing antimicrobial compounds that inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria which errode FCR and contribute to the development of antibiotic-resistant strains (AMR).  reducing the risk of infections and improve overall gut health and flock health. Overall, our microbes have a positive symbiotic relationship with poultry, promoting earlier gut health and improved nutrient absorption, leading to improved FCR, growth and productivity.

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