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Environmental Microbes for Improved Litter Quality:

"Adding Enviro Spore to bedding creates rapid friability of the litter and provides several advantages!"

broiler farm best practice
enviro spore in broiler bedding

1. Improved Poultry Health:

A drier litter environment inhibits the proliferation of pathogenic bacteria such as Clostridium perfringens and E. coli. Reduced moisture levels discourage bacterial growth and limit the availability of water for bacterial metabolism, thereby lowering the risk of diseases such as footpad dermatitis, lower gut infections and respiratory infections.

2. Enhanced Ammonia Control:

A rapid composting of litter accelerates the breakdown of nitrogen-containing compounds in poultry litter, including uric acid, into less volatile forms. This process, facilitated by Enviro Spore's activity, results in reduced ammonia emissions.

Ammonia gas (NH3) is highly volatile, meaning it can easily evaporate and disperse into the air, leading to elevated concentrations in the atmosphere. This airborne ammonia can pose health risks to both humans and animals. In contrast, when ammonia is converted to ammonium (NH4+) ions, it becomes much less volatile. Ammonium ions tend to remain in solution or bound to bedding particles, reducing their potential for airborne exposure. This conversion not only contributes to a safer and healthier environment within the broiler house but also reduces the emission of suspected greenhouse gases. By converting ammonia to ammonium, the potential for ammonia to be transformed into nitrous oxide (N2O), a potent greenhouse gas, is minimised. Enviro Spore's beneficial microbes promotes this conversion process, enhancing environmental sustainability and contributing to a reduction in potential greenhouse gas emissions.

3. Better Moisture Management:

Accelerated composting facilitates the efficient absorption and evaporation of moisture from the litter substrate. Microbial decomposition of organic matter generates heat, promoting evaporation and drying of the litter. As moisture content decreases, the risk of capping and matting is minimised, ensuring a friable litter substrate that promotes optimal footpad health and comfort for broilers. The absence of moisture-induced caking ensures uniform litter distribution, facilitating natural scratching and dust-bathing behaviours among the birds, thereby promoting their overall welfare and performance.

4. Reduced Odour:

Enviro Spore's rapid breakdown of organic matter by composting microorganisms leads to a reduction in the production of volatile organic compounds responsible for malodours. Additionally, the conversion of ammonia into less odorous forms contributes to a fresher and more pleasant poultry house environment. Enhanced air circulation and decreased moisture content further mitigate odour formation, fostering a healthier and more agreeable working environment for farm personnel.

5. Take Action Today:

Ready to optimise your broiler farming operation and promote environmental sustainability and performance?

Discover how Enviro Spore's beneficial microbes can help you create a healthier environment for your poultry, lower gut infections and improve nutrient uptake while reducing suspected greenhouse gas emissions. Click to find out more!

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