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Protecting the flock at the source of a challenge

Enviro Spore contains trillions of soil based microbial cultures (CFU), developed to thrive and colonise poultry bedding, providing several advantages.

  1. Inhibit pathogenic bacteria throughout the crop, lowering the bioburden and bird to bird infections. 

  2. Enabling early gut flora maturation in day old chicks, improving nutrient uptake and FCR in broilers.

  3. Improved crop resilience to pathogenic bacterial challenges in poultry.   

  4. Improved litter quality, accelerated composting and moisture management decreasing the risk of capping, ensuring that the bedding remains more friable. 

Enviro Spore broiler performance . improve FCR ammonia reduction poultry probiotic enviro spore broilers poultry farming

Simple and Effective.

Enviro Spore Chick Start

is our pioneering effective but simple method of adding our unique powerful blend of beneficial microbes into fresh bedding.


Utilising the heat, humidity and ammonia present in the poultry house our microbes will colonise, inhibit and outperform high counts of pathogenic bacteria naturally brought in to the poultry environment by high populations of chickens.

Our microbes have a symbiotic relationship with the gut which kick start early gut flora maturation, help develop a stronger immune system and maintain a high nutrient absorption. Leading to improved overall crop health and high performance consistency. 

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